Managing the Stresses of an Online Business

I recently got an email from a client who said she felt paralyzed and overwhelmed in her business and at the end of her rope.

I think we’ve all felt that way in our business at some point or another. Finding a way to manage business stress can feel impossible when you are in the thick of it. But it is possible!

Sometimes we do things we think we need to do because:
a) Somebody told us we have to (ie. Facebook, start a membership, etc)
b) We have always done them
c) We thought it would make us more money

After a while the jobs build up, the overwhelm grows and nothing gets done.

That’s when I get brutal.

I use the iRAD Approach:

inventory IT ….

You can’t really clear out your business clutter without taking inventory. Start with what’s frustrating you most. Are you feeling stalled on what to do with your website? Inventory your site – check your pages, your products, your affiliate links, whatever you are doing take a real critical look at it and see what you’ve got.

Trust me, just doing an inventory will help you think clearer about what you need to do next.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve inventoried and intend to do so on a regular basis:
- domains
- websites
- expenses and profits (this is HUGE – make sure you are up to date with your bookkeeping!)
- info products bought
- files (graphics, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, articles, etc)
- skills
- likes and dislikes

Remove IT ….

Here’s where you need to be tough. We develop strong emotional attachments to our business and our way of doing things. You might start a project because you feel strongly about it but it’s bringing you nothing. You might be doing five things at once but nothings making you a profit. You might be doing the same business and the same things for five years and it’s not working.

Start purging your business of the sour grapes. Get rid of what’s not working or change it and move on, quickly.

Automate IT ….

This is probably one of my favorite parts of the iRAD Approach. Automating means you get to invest your time once and have it pay off again and again.

What can you automate:
- Email Marketing
- Blog Posting
- Article Submissions
- more

When you automate you should also set up systems. Create systems for everything you do on a regular basis so that you can quickly go back to it and do it again without having to re-learn what you did before. This is another forum of automation!

Delegate IT ….

Yes, delegation comes last. You really can’t outsource effectively until you really know your business.

After you’ve done the first steps in the iRAD Approach you will be very familiar with your business and know what you need. Then you can outsource much more easily than if you were stumbling around in the dark.

Ideas For Home Based Business – Find Money For Profit

If you’re thinking about working extra for profit, you might want to consider some ideas for home based business ventures to help fill up your wallet with much needed cash. You can easily set up a successful business without the trouble of finding a place, getting permits, and so on. All you need is a spot in your bedroom or living room, a computer, an Internet connection, and, of course, the determination and patience to see a job done to completion.

You can easily find money by finding money online. Confusing? It’s simple: you will get paid by other people to find lost money, properties, or assets for them. Don’t dismiss this to be a hoax just yet. Read on and you’ll discover that this is legitimate work from home business and you don’t need any investment to get started. In addition, the pay-out is quite big; depending, of course, on which project you chose to handle.

Let’s get down to the facts: being a money finder as one of your ideas for home based business ventures is one of the most profitable ways to get profit off the Internet nicely. You don’t need to have high-tech hardware or be an academic degree holder to be successful at it. You only need to be proficient with Web look-up tools and techniques, have the smarts and common sense, and, of course, the patience to find what you are paid to look search.

As with any legitimate work from home business, there is plenty of room for improvement. Keep in mind that there will be some hurdles with this venture, especially when you are starting to get lazy. Your biggest enemy at having a successful work at home enterprise is having homey comforts just within reach.

One good way to pump you up and jumpstart your way into a profitable level is starting out as a one-man team to handle all levels of money-finding for your clients. This way, not only do you get to save on overhead costs, you also get to experience the job itself at all phases.

Another idea is to outsource the job to other people online who are also interested in this line of work. Hiring people to work with you at your own home can be a good idea, as well. Having people around you tends to get rid of the laziness and air of boredom quicker than watching television or raiding the kitchen fridge.

The formula for a successful money finder home based business is dedication and smart searching. Get your eye on the goal and don’t stray until you finally reach the finish line.

Starting an Internet Business – Why Start an Online Business Today

As the job market dries up, finding a job becomes more difficult. Once you lose your work, getting the next pay check can becomes a big problem. During these turbulence times, it is good to start an online business. Online businesses provide financial freedom and scheduling flexibility to their business owners. An internet business is a digital marketplace where you can advertise, sell, and fulfil your customers’ needs. In addition to the main benefit of providing a steady income for your family, an online business can be a great idea because:

Hugh Market Base

The web is loaded with prospects and customers. It is a hugh market and its population is forever growing. Whether you are providing a service or selling a product, there will always be an online market that can provide a long-term income to your business.

Little Operation Cost

Due to the lack of high cost items like rent, insurance, utilities bills, and licenses; internet business need very little money to start and maintain. Most online suppliers have drop ship services, which eliminate you having to carry stocks. Your suppliers simply ship your customers’ order directly from their warehouse. With this arrangement, you can operate your business with little cash and at the same time, make your customers happy.

Minimum Marketing Cost

Online advertisement space is quite affordable and targeted. In some cases, you can place an ad on major search engines with a very low fee of 11 cents. Other marketing solutions include social networking sites, writing online articles about your product, and blogging to reach out to your target market. You only need a small amount of cash, if not no money, to start many online advertising.

Instant International Presences

Once your business goes online, anyone in the world, from any country can become your customer. A web-based business never closes and is always ready to do business any time of the day. This gives your business an edge over traditional businesses and can leads to sale increases.

Freedom Of Time

With a web-based business, you are not restricted by standard working hours, you can choose to work on your business anytime you want. Your web-based business requires only a few hours of your time and the reward can be very worthwhile. It is like running a full online business with little time investment.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

As your internet business continue to grows, there will be new products or services which you can provides to your customers. Thanks to the flexibility of online businesses, you can quickly capitalize on these new sources of income and increase the value of your business. All super internet marketers have more than one websites, all generating income at the same time.

Anyone Can Do It

With the advancement of technologies and new business opportunities emerging from the internet, starting an online has never been so easy. Select the strategy that best suit you and begin your online journey. There are websites that offer you free information, marketing solutions and software programs to help you get started. Internet business can be easy to start, but like any other traditional business, you need to put in a lot of hard work to succeed. As long as you are willing to work hard and put in some effort, you can make tens of thousands online. So take your future in your own hands and start your own online business now.